Clean and Safe Housing for those going through treatment.


I have lived in the Aspen area since 1992, and have traveled back and forth to Scottsdale since 2004. I have since relocated to Scottsdale, but still spend quite a bit of time in the Aspen valley. I am also a licensed real estate agent in both Aspen and Scottsdale, and own 3 rental properties in Scottsdale.

I assist individuals, and families with their housing needs in both Aspen and Scottsdale. My specialty is finding housing for patients that will be going through medical treatments, whether its cancer, mold toxicity, or other autoimmune diseases such as Lyme disease.

I am very sensitive to the patients needs because I was, at one point, suffering from chronic Lyme disease. With the help of Dr. John Hughes and Aspen Integrative Medicine, I was able to have a complete recovery. Because of this I understand the specific needs of these patients, and work diligently to find the right peaceful housing fit that will enhance their recovery.

I also work with families that are relocating, or may need a temporary place to stay due
to a recent remodel of other.